What’s been Going on?

Snow in Athens Texas

Snow in Athens Texas

It’s been a while since I had been able to post. Lately, it’s been a little crazy here.

For those who know me, I meant crazy more than usual.

Ethan has had some stomach trouble. So he’s been clingy. Or he’s just getting older, so he’s been clingy. Whatever the reason, he has been clingy enough to make it difficult to get anything done.

Snow and ice on the Scion

An icy-type of snow

It has been very cold for Athens, I guess. Since this is my first year here, it’s normally not that big of a deal… if you live in a house. We now live in a camper, and even with the “arctic package” we still have to take every precaution necessary to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Well, we took every precaution but forgot one – antifreeze in the dump tanks. That’s kind of important as the next day, we couldn’t empty the galley. The pipes near the valve and the valve itself is frozen.

Mike covered the section of the camper with a tarp and plugged in the bathroom heater and pointed it at the pipe under the camper. Hopefully, the tank will thaw.

The good news, the “black tank” (toilet) and the “grey tank” (bathtub) are still working. So I put the hand soap on the side of the tub. We do not have to sacrifice hygiene, although it is warm enough to walk to the shower house if we have to.

We opted for a long-term lot, which puts us far away from any of the amenities. It seem much farther when it’s only 20°F out,  but it’s now 42°F.

Finally, I found an alternative to my broken camera. Unfortunately, it’s a point-and-shoot that only records 640 by 480 video.  It will be difficult as I will be mixing the videos for another video project.

At least now, I will be posting dailies again, but instead of montages, it’ll be single shots.

Alright, now that I rambled a bit, I’ll have to end here. For those of you who made it this far, thanks for reading. I’ll try to keep it short next time.

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