What’s Next

So, now that I’ve finished ranting, what should I do next? For one, I need to find a way to make money at home. I have no shortage of ideas, but implementing them might be difficult. For one, there’s too many of them to do at once.

So I’ve picked two. The first one I started recently, but posting had been sporadic – for the same reason I still haven’t started that diet yet. Years ago I came up with an idea for science fiction story and by “years” I mean since I was 11. As I got older, the characters in this story evolved. I even had pictures and character notes by the time I got married.

Unfortunately, I had let life get in the way (so to speak). I’ve since lost most of my notes after a few moves, but the story never went away.

So I’ve gathered new notes, modifying the original story to fit current knowledge and tech.

In the meantime, I’m also working on a story blog based on the original story. I won’t give away too much here as if I do, it will be too much of a spoiler for both stories. So far, Amanda, was a woman who was found on a roadside with no memory of her past. She has since had a few hints including this necklace that she wears. To get started on this story, click here (new window).

There will be gaps between some posts as I will write a few entries at a time, then schedule each one to post one each day. The gap happens if the campground internet isn’t functioning, or I can’t get to a public waypoint before the last scheduled post is up. As I fall into a routine, these gaps should happen less.

The second one is rebooting the MOMETEK blog. I do have a few posts lined up, it’s not going to be long before I put up the next post, but I am going to focus on the story blog first.

The internet is still bad here, but like everything else that seems to get into the way, I’m just going to have to find a way around it.