When Vacations go wrong II

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“No!” Mike grunts as he turns the car to the right, then to the left in a vain attempt to regain control of the car. The next thing I remember is being upside down and the windshield shattering. I could feel the roof against my head and put my  hand up to keep my head off of it. My seat belt was a little loose, apparently.

I kept replaying the scene in my head while in the motel that night. Being the passenger, there wasn’t much I could do about it, but the brain does funny things sometimes. Especially when you are finally settling down for bed. At least this time it wasn’t something that I had forgotten to do. I can actually stay in bed this time.

After the accident, Michala, Ethan, and I hopped into one of the tow trucks to get a ride to the towing company’s yard. Nathan and Mike stayed behind to see what they can  do to help with the cleanup.

While we waited, we played on the little swing set that they had. Ethan seemed to be completely normal. It was as if this was just a new adventure to him. This was a relief, considering all of the other things we have to do.


The camper and car shows up, Mike hops out to see me.

After about an hour, with Michala and I trading off on watching Ethan. Both the car and camper shows up – upright, of course.

It was already after 7.

Mike told me about the clean up, and the fact that he had a 165 ticket since he was the only one in the accident, making him automatically “at fault” in the state of Ohio.

We sorted through some of the stuff, trying to find some items that we need for the motel. It took much longer than it should have and it was already dark by the time we found some shampoo, soap, clothing that wasn’t full of fiberglass and gravel, and a trash bag to put it in. We grabbed what we could and walked across the street to a motel.


Bear’s Towing Company (5 stars, in case you are wondering). Burbank, Ohio

The people at the yard were very helpful and offered to drive us to a “better” hotel. But we would have no means of transportation back. I also felt bad enough for harassing them for the bathroom – a lot. You know, stress.

The motel we stayed at was very run down. Nathan said that the motel looks like it could be in a movie… not in a good way.

I didn’t think it was that terrible. It was clean. The towels had no stains and the sheets were clean. However, they had a serious lime/rust problem in the bathroom and the sink wouldn’t drain.

The made us take two rooms. Michala and Nathan in one, Mike, Ethan, and I in the other. We had a single queen and they had a double queen. I had no blanket on my bed and I ended up using my jacket to keep my shoulders warm.

I finally got Ethan to sleep by playing some videos that were already on my phone since there was no internet. After everything was quiet, my mind kicked into high gear. It was one of the few nights I didn’t dream much.


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