When Vacations Go Wrong IV

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It was like a palace compared to the last motel. We stayed at the Comfort Inn that night. The room was huge. As a matter of fact, it was larger than our Camper. It had two queen-sized beds, and a pull out couch. It also had an extra sink, a small kitchen table, a microwave and fridge.

The WiFi was free. Certainly better than nothing, and it was slightly better than most places that have a large amount of people using it. I decided to check in FB and Emails. There are a lot of people offering to help, asking if we needed anything.

Need? I started to go through the items we lost. We did lose a lot, but we didn’t NEED anything. We had a place to sleep. We had food. We found enough clothing for a couple of days, and we had temporary transportation. What’s more, we had WiFi! I responded to everyone saying that I will get back to everyone when we are settled in VT.

It was pretty late by the time we got there. Nathan brought his Xbox to test and it turns out that it worked fine. I set my laptop on the WiFi, but I was too tired to blog. So I spent some time on Facebook for a while.

Then I took a nice long shower.

The next day, we went to Walmart and grabbed more tubs. Mike had already bought a few, but after going through some of the stuff the previous night, we decided that we definitely didn’t have enough.

Mike’s parents had called us the previous day to let us know that they were coming to help us out. The plan was to use both their van and the rental to transport as much stuff as possible. Possibly even getting a storage unit and pick up the rest on the way back.

When they got here, it was already evening. My MIL took Ethan  to the swing set for a bit which allowed me to do more sorting.

Ethan had been handling everything pretty well. He mostly played in the dirt mostly and I had giving him plastic containers to play with. We did find some of his sand toys which got him really busy. While this help a little, it was nice that I didn’t have to worry about him for a while and focus on sorting.

It wasn’t long before it was time to leave. The sun was setting and it wouldn’t be long before we couldn’t see anything. The owners of the tow yard assured us that they do keep the place pretty locked up, so it isn’t likely that someone would come in trying to steal anything.

We put what we could into the tubs and then pushed the tubs under the camper.

Nathan's Birthday cookie

Nathan’s 16th birthday cookie.

The older kids went into the pool with my in-laws. My MIL had bought Nathan a giant cookie for his birthday, so we sung happy birthday in the pool area.

I then went to the room and changed Ethan into his swimming clothes. Then I took him to the pool. This was a big mistake. Ethan would not get out of the pool and started to have a meltdown when I finally got him out.

Nathan played on the XBox again, but only for a little while. I let him play until 2 in the morning last time. Mostly because I was too exhausted to say anything, and I knew that everyone needed an outlet. This time I told him we all need sleep.

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