When Vacations Go Wrong V

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Another day of sorting ahead of us. The adrenaline has worn off and we were all feeling depressed and overwhelmed. I really didn’t want to sort anything today. The hotel was nice and the internet worked better during the day when people were out and about doing their thing. There’s nothing like YouTube videos and Facebook drama to forget about your problems.

However, they won’t go away unless they are addressed and solved. So I went with everyone else to sort through our stuff.

My MIL watched Ethan for the most part, and it helped out a lot as it was one less thing on my mind.

The original plan was to use both my in-laws van and the rental. Fill it with as much of our stuff as possible and both of us head towards Vermont.

Unfortunately, my FIL was starting to have health problems. It turns out that he was dehydrated, from not drinking enough water so that he wouldn’t have to stop as much. They were going to stay one more day so that he could recover then drive the 6-8 hours back.

We were then looking at two other options: 1. get a Rental Unit, pack our stuff there for now until we head back or 2. get a U-Haul and take what isn’t broken with us.

We figured that it is possible that we may be staying in VT for longer than anticipated. So getting a rental unit would cost us more than getting a U-Haul.

Sorting stuff

Sorting stuff. There’s more where that came from.

Around 5:00P.M – We had a lot sorted, but there was so much more to go. It was surprising on how much stuff survived. We decided on a U-haul. It was mostly because we weren’t sure how long we would be in Vermont. This will also allow us to take some electronics with us that we can’t test on the spot, due to no electricity nearby.

We were supposed to be “right behind” my in-laws after they left, but ended up staying a full two hours later. I took Ethan to the hotel room right away. Nathan and Michala went swimming and I helped Ethan wash up in the sink. For some reason, he was deathly afraid of the tub.

He fell asleep rather quickly and I was able to go online for a little while. I don’t think anyone stayed up that late that night.

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