When Vacations go Wrong VI

We spent another day, sorting. My In-laws had left and we were on our own again.

We filled the U-Haul that we got the previous day. Sorting had been much easier since we didn’t have to be as picky. I almost had to give up some kitchen tools that I happen to like. These were things I used every day but were not that expensive to replace. Of course, as little as each item cost, it does add up.

Cornstarch and water make great entertainment.

Michala playing with cornstarch to entertain Ethan

We found the corn starch and Michala used it to entertain Ethan. It was a mess, but it was a change from the grey dust I washed off of him at the hotel the last two nights.

It was another long day, but it was much more productive. I gave away the huge beef brisket that we were supposed to cook in Vermont with the family. There was no way we would be able to keep it frozen in the U-Haul for another day.

We went back a little earlier that night. I suggested that I stay at the hotel the next day with Ethan as he started to become restless. There wasn’t much I could do anyway. Going into the camper would trigger my allergies. Apparently, we had a mold problem.

It was almost over. We’d be on our way to Vermont soon.