When Vacations goes wrong


What’s left of the Aspen.

It’s been a long week, and it’s not over yet.

We were driving down I-71. All three kids were asleep in the back. I was looking at the next stop. I didn’t want to stop in Medina because I couldn’t find any truck stops on the way there I was tired and I missed them. We have been having a lot of problems with crosswinds and I didn’t want to have Mike to pull into a random gas station that may or may not be a serious problem. To solve this, I decided to try to only stop at truck stops. You know that if big Mac Trucks can get in and get out, than a camper and SUV can go in and out.

I pointed out that the next truck stop is in Burbank, Ohio, exit 204. We could go one more, but I felt that this would be a good place. We’ve been there before and traffic seemed light at the moment.

Two trucks pass and clear us on either side. Mike, yet again, manages to keep from being blown off the road.

After a few minutes, Mike says, “You know, it has been better lately,” He was referring to the 20mph winds that were hitting the side of the camper. I check my phone. Sure enough, the winds dropped to 15mph.

I put my phone onto the side. What seemed like seconds afterwards, the trailer was pushed again, but instead of pushing us into another lane, it yanked the Aspen. Mike tried to correct, but instead over corrected.

I remember him saying “No!” in a grunt as it finally rolled onto his side than upside down. I remember my head on the ceiling, but I didn’t hit hard. I put my hand to keep my head off of it as we slid to a stop.

I waited a second to see if I felt any pain. I didn’t. So I unbuckled my seatbelt and called to the other kids. They were all okay, and I told them to unbuckle Ethan, who only fussed a little.

I climbed out to assess what was going on. I don’t recall seeing Mike climbed out but it seemed as if he materialized beside me and yanking on the back door. I called to the kids again, and Michala said that she got Ethan who quickly climbed out of my window. I was relieved to see that we were by the guardrail.

Two truckers stopped in the second lane, forcing traffic to go into the far left lane. There was a couple more who stopped ahead and there were a lot of people who came out to help. One was an off-duty firefighter (as I was told later), who asked questions like “do you feel dizzy, or pain?”

At one point I joked that even my back felt better. A few days prior, I had coughed until I popped something in my back. No matter which way I stretched, I couldn’t get it to hurt.

Mike and the cop mentioned something about the adrenaline rush. At that moment, as the EMTs were getting us to sign forms saying that we don’t want to be transported to the hospital. I thought, they couldn’t wait until the adrenaline rush to ask if we were in pain?

Someone was kind enough to bring out my purse and my laptop but at that moment when the officer asked for my ID, I realized my phone was in the car. It had my license in it. When I mention it, another kind person went into the wreck and grabbed it for me.


Snapshot taken from the vine.

When I saw that everyone was okay, I took my phone and made a vine. This is posted to my twitter, than to my Facebook where my family could see it.

Minutes after the posting my brother calls.

I don’t recall the entire conversation,  but I do remember him asking me how I was holding out.

“You know me, I get what needs to be done now, freak out later.” He agreed. He’s the same way.

I hung up the phone and sighed. This was our home and our only means to travel. Ethan, Michala, and I hopped into one of the tow trucks. I couldn’t think past the next few minutes. I didn’t know what would happen next.


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