Why I am not Mad at God

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Mike and I moved here because we believe God wanted us here for a reason. It does seem odd that God would dangle a carrot (i.e. the right church, multiple job opportunities) then take that carrot away.

However, it’s the reason why we won’t move anywhere else.

I have complained about the little problems that keep cropping up. Seriously, if you look around, NONE of these problems are that big of a deal on their own.

When we got into that accident a while back, I thought that now would be a time to go onto GoFundme to see if I can raise the funds to replace our camper, or at the very least, have a vehicle to take us back to Texas.

I changed my mind when I saw some people surviving worse disasters like flooding and tornadoes, children dying of cancer, mothers who are dying, leaving a husband and small children behind, Fathers who died on duty, etc.

Yeah, my problems really do seem insignificant.

I know some will be thinking that we have no faith, or God must be mad at us (a.k.a. “Prosperity Gospel).

“Prosperity Gospel” for those of you who don’t know about all of the false belief systems that stem from Christianity, is based on the notion that if you have enough faith, or if you are good enough, you will be blessed with earthly riches.

I’ve seen people tear themselves down to the point of near suicide, (people I know who suffered problems with their finances, thanks to the recession in the 90s) because of this evil, EVIL gospel.

Did I mention that this gospel is evil?

What happened to John the Baptist, Paul, and John (who wrote Revelation) and all of the other apostles? Did they ever see worldly riches before they died? They all ended up dying prison or sentenced to death because of their faith. They did something they believe was what God wanted to them to do and ended up losing everything worldly.

Jesus himself was all about voluntary poverty. He even told the rich young ruler to sell everything and follow him. He praised a woman giving up what could have been her next meal when she donated her two coins. Too really make the point, the new Testament doesn’t mention Jesus’s income – if he had anything at all.

And that’s why I’m not angry with God. Frustrated? Yes. Overwhelmed? Well, it doesn’t take much for me to be overwhelmed anyway. I’m definitely curious to why we are like this. Why things like these small problems keep popping up to prevent us from getting a little ahead. We were so close to paying off our debt. Now we are back into the hole (so to speak). Mike said he would have no problem working low wage jobs if we could just pay off our credit cards.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against being rich. I still hope that someday I would have enough money to help people who end up in my predicament. However, I will never, never, assume it’s because I was “good” or that I had enough faith. That’s just stupidly dangerous.

This “Prosperity gospel” tears people down who cannot get ahead, due to economic problems, or just all around “bad luck”. It encourages arrogance to those who have it all. They can assume it’s because they have all the faith in the world and everyone who has less is below them. Why help out others if God is punishing the poor and sick for their lack of faith and/or good works.

I have yet to see them explain on how people like Trump, who was wasn’t a Christian before his presidency, had all the riches. Now that he said the sinner’s prayer (and maybe Baptized, don’t know didn’t keep track), suddenly it’s that God blessed him?

If you have anything to add, go ahead and comment below. My post is already long enough and beyond TL;DR so if you have any questions or think I missed anything, I can address it in another post.

Next post (Tuesday Thursday Eventually?) Small blessings – Why I still believe in God.

Note: This is supposed to be a blog based on family stuff. I have my new phone. I’ll be posting smaller posts on my family life more frequently between these longer rants.

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