Yes, I’m still alive

It’s still quite crazy here. I still don’t have internet so when I go to the library, I spend most of the time updating tablets and posting to my story blog. I might do some online shopping – if I have time.

When I’m using my phone, I stick to sites that is mostly text or I’m updating my OneNote. Sometimes, like now, I’ll post to my blog (which is something I need to do more often) or post to instagram.

Facebook, even the website version, burns data very quickly. I try not to go on when I’m using data because I will be out of data before the month’s up.

Then, when I’m at the library, I don’t have much time.

So, you will not see me much on Facebook, except through one of my posts through external sources (blog, twitter, or instagram).

Perhaps I will be posting more on this blog more often. So I will be making a commitment to post here every night.

How many people actually read this on the other hand…

One thought on “Yes, I’m still alive

  1. Hello Neal Family in TEXAS and YES I Read this !! Hoping all is good there !! I Sent Michala her Birthday Card !! Hoping Stephanie got her Card.. WE LOVE and Miss all of YOU !! Hoping you can Get This Message !!

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